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What are the biggest challenges for a startup or a new company?

How to get your first sales? How to create your sales growth strategy? How to get marque clients?
Struggling to put forward your ideas into a pitch deck and create a financial model? Do you need a bit of honest advice on what will work and what won’t in your investor pitch?

Why choose us

Identify the key characteristics of your market

Our menu of services covers growth, Strategy, and investing


Investment advisors to raise angel rounds and VC funds


• Strategic Account Development/Sales Consulting
• Growth/Sales Strategy Validation
• New Customer Development Consulting
• Highly scalable growth teams
• Head of growth as a service


• Head of Strategy as a service
• Innovation and product development
• MVP creation & idea-validation lab

Process Tracking & Execution

• Experts on demand
• RFP & RFI Consulting
• Digital Transformation Consultants.
• Process development & acceleration


• Team training, workshops, and Sales mentorship

Analytics & KPI Tracking

• KPI dashboard & data science services
• Analytics and Business Intelligence as a Service


Sales Plan Checklist

  • Identify the key characteristics of your market (e.g. customs, references, competition, suppliers, etc.)
  • Analyze the sales performance of your target product/ service & see where & how this product/ service best into the market
  • Determine the degree to which your brand is recognized by target customers
  • Assess your salespeople’s skills & abilities & check if your business is able to generate new leads
  • Determine employee training needs
  • Make a list of 20-25 customers you want to reach
  • Be sure you have the contact information of those customers
  • Prepare responses to all common objections posed by potential customers
  • Commit to prospecting 14 or more hours every week, depending on your sales objectives
  • Build a schedule of training sessions & meetings with your sales staff
  • Create a schedule of prospecting activities
  • Set a deadline you must hit when all the activities are done
  • Select techniques for attracting new customers. For examples
  • Agree upon the schedules & techniques with your personnel
  • Be sure every employee has an action plan that describes individual tasks for a period (e.g. week/ month)
Strategy Positioning

Understand the customer’s needs

What is your return to stakeholders? what are the benefits that exert a decisive influence on your organization’s likelihood of future success?

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