Today we are going to recall some of the great advantages of .Net Framework.
As we Know that .Net Framework acts as a base to all class libraries.
It is built specially to provide a highly Integrated but still a very flexible platform so that developers can build business and enterprise solutions for available architecture and applications
By adopting the .NET Framework’s distributed and wide application model,
developers can have many advantages to build their solutions and applications.


The .NET Framework provides developers with:

◆ A rich programming framework for building Win32 client applications. (all the nice goodies of class libraries are included)

◆ A unified Web development platform that provides the services necessary for developers to build enterprise-class Web applications.

◆ A URL-addressable resource and solutions that programmatically(AsCoded)  returns information to clients who have requested it.

◆ The ability to build components that efficiently manage data from multiple data sources and support disconnected scenarios.

◆ Standards-based support for processing XML 

◆ The ability to interact with COM components,.NET Framework services, external type libraries, and many operating system services

◆ The ability to control access to operations and resources based on policy and a set of configurable rules to determine which permissions to grant to code, based on the code’s domain, user, and assembly

◆ The ability to pass objects by value or by reference between distributed applications.

◆ A programming interface to many of the protocols found on the network, such as HTTP, DNS, TCP, and UDP

◆ The ability to use the COM+ Services including transactions, object pooling, and queued components

◆ Access to the Active Directory from managed code

◆ The lower total cost of ownership by enabling powerful enterprise-class management of systems, applications, and devices

◆ Support for globalization and localization of resources…

thats it

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