Information Technology field is on decline??
Sometime ago a elderly tutor(Not connected to IT field) said to us(me and my friends) that some time from now there will be a lapse in jobs generated from IT(Information Technology) field.Well I don’t want to disclose the name here. But my first reaction was of owe!! Well I kind of took it a bit seriously for few days thinking that oh I have wasted a whole lot of bucks aka Money on learning all those programming stuff. Well just fews days ago I thought over it again and found out that it is crap that IT(Information Technology) field  will show a lapse in generation of new jobs.

And I did some of the research on what could be possibilities of IT field in coming decade or so.

My first target field was Electronics , Bio-Chemistry, Physics Plus Nanotechnology. All these fields are on rise and more sophisticated electronics means use of more efficient coding or programming for these languages.
I am currently learning electronics Embedded programming as college (university syllabus).
Same is the case with Bio-chemistry(Informatics) which include automate biological data analysis and develop algorithms or workflows, and how to manage vast amounts of data using database technologies. Thus given the rise of new technological advancement gives rise to need of good programmers and developer who will know basics of these different fields and help the specialist in IT Development.

We can say similar thing about Nanotechnology aka Nano-programming(Programming of nano-materials).
My research says that many countries like India ,China, many Asian countries and African countries still lack behind need good amount of IT penetration. IT penetration is on speed rise in both India and china.
And so is the need for programmers and developers going to rise. And rise above all fields. You think it yourself, take example of any field and see that it has specialised IT support staff(Database, Web based, SEO, Mobile etc.)  
And as this fields grow so will the need of developers rise.Many people just try to enter the bandwagon just when there is high demand but very few survive.Well it depends on how you have prepared yourself.

So what it means being a programmer or what efforts should one make to be a good programmer.
starting out as a programmer-Application or Mobile or Web developer.

stock photo : Human hands typing labtop.

1)Learn the basics properly: Get your OOP (Object oriented Programming )concepts right.
It is best to learn from someone who is a programmer . You can refer to books and websites.
reference Java :

programing languages 5

reference C# :

reference c++:

2) Practice: Practicing what you learn is most important and one cannot achieve goal of being a good programmer without practicing. Always remember that “practice makes man perfect. “

3) Learn to share : Sharing is the most important aspect of programmers. If you find some new thing share it with friends and fellow programmers may be you will learn something from them. check out the online forums and be interactive, the techies out on internet forums do help you out. Don’t be shy to ask even the most basic help. Because even the best Programmer was a newbie like you once.

4)Do not give up: This is one of must important quality of a developer. When you make programs you might make mistakes that does not mean you have to give up that part of code.Always remember even GOD can mistakes. Try to improve. As one of my friend Quaid says : Programmers do not live on warnings they live on errors” ,ask help if you don’t find solution.

5)Must learn: XML, HTML, JavaScript or any other scripting language, Ajax, SQL. This are the few basic things.
And according to field you chose learn things of that field.

6)Track: After learning Basics and terminologies , choose just one platform. Programming languages are in vast numbers, Java, c#, C++, perl, PHP, ruby etc I know I dint write all names.. Even if we give lifetime of say 100 years we wont be able to learn all technologies. Just try to stick with one platform of YOUR choice , the one which YOU are comfortable. 
Following this helps in long survival in field of Computers.
One thing you should know that Programming is about working in your comfort zone. And this I have learned through my own learning experience.
Well I am not finished yet… I will continue on what resources you should use for maximum productivity. If you want to contribute get in touch with me.

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  1. nice article sanket,according to my little knowledge i don't think Developers or programmer will face tough days 'coz now days almost every single aspect of modern life has been going digital and without a bunch of good developers and coders it'll literally impossible to manage this stuff at all,
    and your tips for beginners are good,must read.

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