Basically Feeds are small lines of information from a whole post or webpage or large info.
Why should I follow Feeds because it give quick look at headlines or new information on website.
Now How can you configure to View Feeds?
so, you can view feeds either on your desktop using software or on website.
I recommend  using web based one because if helps and we do now need extra work of maintaining software on computer.
So lets  have look at web based format first.

Just watch for this type of image on website click it.
It will open new browser window, then choose  your Feedreader
with Image like
 Now chose your reader.I recommend feedburner   from Google or Google Reader.
Why so because you can easily attach it to Google or G-mail account.
Click Feed Icon as  you see on my blog.

now new window opens just like this.Copy the URL

now type in your browser and then extend more option. and select reader as shown in picture.

Now  just click on Add a subscription as shown in picture. And paste the url in Add a subscription.

And its done you can views all headlines of your favorite site anywhere 
with your account.If you have any problem with that ask me.

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