All people say that Facebook is trying to take a dig at Gmail by launching this service Facebook Messages. But Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of Facebook says that it is merely an advanced extension to email services. His words “We don’t think a modern messaging system is going to be e-mail” wanted to explain different story. The plan behind this service is to integrate email like service to be shared between friends but with the speed of SMS. We can say that it is an Instant  Message service but without the slowness of email.
Integration of chat , email, Text messages in one single inbox a kind of social inbox. It will prioritize messages from friends and close acquaintances , saving lot of time. This type of email inbox is part of Gmail. Ok didn’t Facebook say that they are not targeting anyone!!!!!. Facebook says it will store every message sent between people unless they choose to delete it.
Well we will have to wait and see what effect it has on Google, Yahoo and  Microsoft’s services. Because Facebook is not resting and its latest accomplishment has been overtaking EBay in terms of Value.  
Total estimated value of Facebook  is $41 billion. With specialized browsers build for integration with Facebook, we can expect that Value to keep on increasing. Browsers supporting directly social networking sites  are called as social web browsers Flock and RockMelt are leading now. Flock is powered by Mozilla on other hand RockMelt is Powered by Google’s Chromium project.

So here is what I say go check out this browsers and View Facebook messages. Till the time you get hooked  Facebook Messages I say stick to Gmail. Its pretty Good.
Well personally I am waiting for Facebook Message invitation.

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