What is Imagine Cup?
Simply put, it’s the world’s premier student technology competition. Beginning with local and regional competitions, Imagine Cup 2011 comes to an exciting finale at the Worldwide Finals held in New York City.
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Software Development:
You? Change the world? Yes you can!
Poverty. Hunger. Education. Environment. Health. There are many challenges facing our world today, but did you ever imagine you could help solve them? It’s true. The Software Design competition is all about you (yes you!) creating real-world applications and solutions that can help people and communities around the globe.
Embedded Development:
Use your creativity and work on tomorrow’s technology today.
They’re smart. They’re powerful. And people around the world use them every single day. Yes, we’re talking about embedded devices. Think you’re ready to take this technology to the next level? Go for it in the Embedded Development competition. Not only will you gain real-world experience, you might just create a next-generation device. Embedded Development
Game Design:
3-D or 2-D. Multilevel or single player. The structure of the game is entirely up to you. But the goal all comes back to one thing: using technology to help solve the toughest problems. So create a game that’s accessible for folks with disabilities. Or help children learn about the environment. The Game Design Competition makes changing the world a little more fun. 
Digital Media:
Photos. Videos. Music. Digital media is everywhere and around the world people are using it to share their unique points of view. Forget about dancing pets and washed up pop singers. With the Digital Media Competition, your big idea could enlighten folks around the world about major global issues. So spread the word!
Windows Phone 7:
It’s all about originality, appeal, and being unique. Be one of the first developers – ever – to build an XAP Application for the revolutionary Windows Phone 7 platform. Create an XAP Application the world cannot wait to get their hands on. Your Team’s XAP Application needs to scream originality, have major consumer XAP appeal, and integrate unique mobile-oriented features. So… develop a Windows Phone 7 application that people will love having on their phone today!windows-phone-7
Interoperability Challenge:

IT Challenge: 

Orchard Challenge:

Windows 7 Touch Challenge.


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