Ok we have new year . 2011 So happy new year. 
 So the first great news is that Windows 7 OS market share has increased to 20%. Which means atleast 20% computer user in this world are using windows7 operating system. I say a big relief to Microsoft after the Not-That-good Windows Vista.
As reported by Net Applications.
Although the overall market share of windows has dropped.

As shown in above chart.

The second news is for developers.
What I saw on android blog, Is that Google is going to reduce its money share from android applications. Meaning the developers will get more share of money from their applications.
seeing the fast pace of Google in bringing new Android versions this seems to be a excellent move . Of course from Developer point of view. and May be from end user point of view coz it is possible that many of the developers can reduce prices of their apps. So as to increase the appeal of their android applications.

And Here is new android 2.3 official introductory Video

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