What is WebMatrix?
WebMatrix is a free tool that makes it extremely easy to create, configure and publish your web sites , web applications, blogs etc.  It can be trusted upon Microsoft’s in depth knowledge of web platforms,programming tools,  frameworks. It is surfaced in a more approachable and very straightforward way. 
As for ASP.NET WebMatrix comes with everything you need to get started building websites and web applications:
A complete and integrated development environment, with a small download and a simple install. 
You get a database engine (SQL Server Compact Edition) to handle your data. All the structures you create in this database engine will be compatible with professional versions of SQL Server.
WebMatrix supports a Web Server (IIS Express) to serve all your web pages. This web server is compatible with the professional versions of IIS as well.
WebMatrix also comes with a new, simple programming framework that allows for rapid development of web sites and web applications. It supports Razor, the latest and simplified way to code web sites. It also provides a gallery of free open source applications to complement your development. It comes with an integrated installer that manages the heavy lifting of downloading and installing each component.

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