I read this wonderful article on what we need in a new next gen social network by Jonathan Saragossi. And I thought I would share it with readers of my blog.

        Facebook might be saying that its user base is increasing but the truth is that the innovators and early adopters are fleeing or leaving it in big numbers. Reason human mind wants something new always.
       As more services are entering the market and trying to get attention of users, people are finding out that their needs cannot be fulfilled by a single social network ; they need multiple social networks and communication channels. Taking my example I use Facebook, Google+, Twitter,LinkedIn, Blogger, Pinterest , Youtube, Vimeo, etc. Our tastes and hunger for new are making us choose different channels for our social networking needs. The result is fragmentation in the channels of service.
      It is all natural, in the life cycle of product to slowly lose its charm or  unless it somehow becomes a living organism with its own reproductive system and evolution, one will eventually wither and die. Facebook cannot evade this process – it regenerates with nuances, but is not reinventing itself.

Lets look at Diffusion of Innovation chart by Everett M. Rogers

Early adopters as shown in the Rogers’ bell curve

     Jonathan says this curve is missing something important – the two-way migration that happens over time. When the late majority joins in, the innovators and early adopters are already feeling uncomfortable.

    Hence he says the conclusion is undeniable; a new social network is needed. These are the things that will make it awesome and sustainable:

  • The multiple expressive me
  • Mobile first
  • Localized recommendations
  • Ownership
  • Income and commerce
  • Tool-set for hackers
  • The future
Want the read it in details, about the above pointers head to Jonathan’s post thenextweb.com  Facebook is for grandparents 
Jonathan Saragossi is the founder of IM Creator, a free website builder, and AppSite, a tool for promoting mobile applications. Jonathan is also a UX and marketing consultant for major startups including Any.Do and Playscape

Images : Flickr: carloszardoya
             Flickr : SeanENelson

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