I recently Updated from windows 8 to windows 8.1 and  first thing I wanted to check was,  how well the Personalization feature works in windows 8.1. So I straight away went to microsoft website to check the themes for my computer.

I have picked a few beautiful  themes which I think our readers would also like.

1) Color Splash– Cheerful explosions of color burst across your screen in inventive photographs that capture water, pigment, and sand in action. Paint your desktop and liven up your day with this theme.

2)Animal Affection-Goldfish kiss, horses nuzzle, hummingbirds tenderly touch beaks, cats nap in an intertwined heap, and leopards groom each other in this collection of adorable displays of affection from the animal kingdom.

3) Limited edition artist series-Swirling dragons, floral profusions, and cacophonies of color—this dazzling free theme for Windows celebrates the innovative work of artists like Kenzo Minami, Sally Zou, Stina Persson, and more

4)Illusions -Optical illusions, planets of grass floating in impossible summer skies, and homages to M.C. Escher fill this free Windows theme of weird and wonderful digital art by Josh Sommers.

5)Snowy Night-These beautiful images capture the many ways that snow can transform a landscape, from the hushed grandeur of the forest to the beckoning warmth of a cozy cottage and the magic of snow-covered city streets.

6)Raindrops-Photographer Rangan Das gets in close to capture the delicate beads of rain left behind on leaves and flowers in this free Windows theme.

7)Sailing -Sail on: Skim seas around the world with this free Windows theme that features the sounds of the seashore.

8) Horizons-From Pacific beaches, to mountains, to a wondrous sunrise over the Grand Canyon—the panoramic images in this free theme for Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1 were designed to stretch across dual monitors. Put a little vacation on your desktop.

9)Garden Glimpses 4 – Butterflies and blossoms create a colorful burst of life on your screen in this free Windows theme, the fourth installment in photographer Rangan Das’ garden series.

10) Forests -Something about forests stirs us. Dappled sunlight through a canopy of maple; gnarled, primeval trunks coated in moss; or the slender green serenity of backlit bamboo. Surround yourself with the living majesty of forests in this free theme for Windows.


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