Many Universities still teach C Programming language as a part of curriculum as it helps students understand the basic concepts of programming. The tools used in university computer labs are turbo c++. But if you try running Turbo c++ on windows 7 or windows 8 it shows a smaller window. Altough there is a way to run these legacy programs in full screen using DOSbox but we will see a simple method to do so. It can be done by using codeblocks. Code::Blocks is a free C, C++ and Fortran IDE

Here is the process to get Codeblocks.
Step 1 : Head to Codeblocks Website

Step 2: Select  Download the Binary Release.
Step 3: Select Codeblocks mingw-setup.exe 

Step 4: Open the Downloaded file and Install it.

 Step 5: Open the CodeBlock IDE and Select Create new project

Step 6: In New form Template window Select Console Application 
Step 6 : On the next Screen Select the language which you want to do program c or c++.

Step 7: Select the project location click next and select the compiler to use . In our case we are going to use GNU GCC Compiler

Next step is to write the program and Build and Run.
Hope this small tutorial helps you . Happy Codding.


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