Mobile app development jobs are projected to grow substantially in next 10 years.
To be precise there will be 32% growth in Mobile app Job, compared to Computer jobs which will see only 22% growth.
Maximum salary of experienced Mobile app developer is 292,000 USD.

Smartphone yearwise shipments are as follows

2008- 139 Million  Handsets
2012- 680 Million Handsets
2017- 1.53 Billion Handsets
2020- 1.56 Billion Handset

Scenario of Mobile APP development 

30% of businesses are building mobile apps and expected to grow at swift rate.
42.16% are into web development however, there is a rapid entry into the mobile space with >50% of businesses entering mobile app industry in past 4 years.

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  1. Once the idea is flushed out, the app can be built. Unlike websites, which can be created even by those with little technical experience, mobile apps take both coding knowledge and software development proficiency. Since few have that expertise at hand, most app creators turn to an outside developer, which could be either a large firm or an individual freelancer.

    The cost could run from $1,000 to $1 million, according to Mureta, noting it all depends on what the app's creator is trying to accomplish.

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