Huawei recently confirmed the news of the Kirin 820 chip and it will launch the in Honor 30S. According to our report Kirin 820 uses a 7nm manufacturing process and is equipped with the same A76 architecture as Kirin 990.

Huawei may also have a new version of Kirin 820 with enhanced performance, which may be named Kirin 985. This chip was originally expected to debut with the Huawei Mate XS on February 24, but was temporarily cancelled.

As per sources, Kirin 985 will use 6nm manufacturing process, the CPU architecture may still continue to be based on Kirin 990’s A76 program.

Huawei Honor 30s

In addition to the above two upgraded Kirin chips, Huawei will also launch an iterative flagship chip in 2020, with the internal codename “Baltimore”, which is Kirin 1020. As early as December of last year, some people in the knowledge of presence of this chips broke the news that the Kirin 1020 will use a 5nm process technology, and the CPU architecture will be upgraded from last generation to new generation. The latest A78 architecture will also significantly improve GPU performance. The Huawei Mate 40 series will debut in the fall of 2020.

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