Today, everyone has a smartphone. Watches are no longer used only for keeping time or as fashion accessories. Technology Engineers have integrated touch screens, lithium batteries and various microsensors into watches. It has become a digital tool that can sense the human body and manage all kinds of information, but it still will sit on your wrist to add to your style statement.You call it an extension of our current mobile phones, or you can call it an extension of the human body. You must have seen different smartwatches from APPLE, SAMSUNG, XIAOMI, FOSSIL, TICWATCH, FITBIT etc
The latest addition to this mad race is OPPO Watch, called by many as Apple watch Killer. Oppo Smartwatch borrows a lot from Apple Watch in design and features.

The size of the watch’s dial is  46mm. It is made of 6 series aluminium alloy black case with a fluoro rubber strap. The official price listed on OPPO’s Chinese website is 1999 yuan/USD 215/ 20000 INR
After the first glance at OPPO watch, at least in appearance, you will definitely be reminded of Apple Watch. This is completely justifiable, after all, as the most mature smartwatch on the market, Apple Watch does have something to learn from.

Some interesting features in the design of OPPO Watch are

The first feature to be noticed is the 3D hyperbolic flexible screen commonly used in smartphones and watches. This enhances the look and feel of OPPO watch. The curved screen has helped in reducing the visual thickness of the OPPO Watch, creating a sense of slim design.
Some people may mention the reflection of the curved screen, which affects the reading of information. But after using it for a few days, we didn’t find any issues with a curved screen.  When looking at the time, simply browsing the notifications, or glancing at the heart rate OPPO watch does not pose any problems or reflections.

This may also be due to the larger font used by OPPO watch and the lower density of information presented. It is coupled with a completely black background color, it is not like the white screen of a curved screen mobile phone, and there will be slight color changes on the left and right sides. This helps in keeping clarity.
Secondly, to avoid blame or criticism about plagiarism. The OPPO’s body has an “ultra-frameless crown” design, and it is replaced by two physical buttons.
One of them can “call up the main screen” after pressing, and also doubles up as “back key”. The other is a function key, you can set the functions for “click” and “double-click” respectively.
Finally, the OPPO Watch’s “Band Removing” feature also won our hearts. Different from the Apple Watch’s steps of “holding the lock and then pulling outwards vertically,” OPPO has adopted a more convenient interlocking structure.
You don’t need to press very hard. After pressing the lock and pulling it gently, you can remove the strap. The two grooves also ensure stability after wearing.

You won’t encounter too many obstacles to use OPPO Watch. Connect using Bluetooth connection and then start scanning and pairing. It only takes about 3-5 minutes to set it up and you can immediately wear it on your hand.
Even if you are using a non-OPPO Android phone or iPhone, downloading the “Heytap Health” app can use all the features of the watch.
The dial is definitely the first feature that many people will toss. OPPO’s design team has produced 28 different styles of interfaces, many of which are eye-catching.
For example, the “heartrate” function dial will have corresponding vibration feedback when touched by hand, and the color of the balloon will change with your heart rate.
Also,  “Daily Activity” function dial selects the “X” symbol, which makes it easy for people to associate with the Find X phone. These four pointers will be in the form of a progress bar, according to your step count and exercise duration, Calories burned, and the number of activities completed. Very intuitive we would say.
The function of “AI wear function” dial is suitable for those who like being fashionable always. As long as you use your mobile phone to capture your dress, the watch will intelligently generate multiple dials that match your color, further enriching the user’s choice of dials.
OPPO Watch’s system interface design and usage mechanism are not complicated. If you slide down on the dial interface, you can open the shortcut menu, and slide up is the notification panel, you can see unread notifications, reminders or fitness exercise reminders.
When today ’s sports goal is met, OPPO Watch will “ slightly vibrate”  your wrist. This tactile feedback is also a reflection of the thought process behind the design of this smartwatch.
Click the side button to enter the most commonly used home screen page. OPPO Watch displays dozens of pre-installed applications in a grid form. In addition to basic applications such as phone, recording, and alarm clock, there are also special sports fitness, heart rate detection, breathing training, sleep monitoring applications, as well as OPPO’s own Breeno voice.
eSIM is a standard feature of smartwatches in the past two years, which means that OPPO Watch can make phone calls and send and receive text messages separately from mobile phones.
It is worth mentioning that the ColorOS Watch system used by OPPO watches this time is directly based on core Android , rather than the more common wearOS.
OPPO’s development team explained to us why. They said that based on the Android base layer, OPPO can build a more stable watch application ecosystem. At the same time, it can also allow the team to make deep customization of software and hardware, rather than just building a shelf on a fixed foundation.

So in the system, OPPO Watch does have a built-in application store. There are currently 8 third-party applications.
Although the number is not large, watching videos and playing games with watches is also a pseudo-requirement, and it is enough to support core usage scenarios.
Personally, we believe that the third party that has real practical usage are payments or fitness tools such as google pay, visapay , Nike sports etc. Those who like to listen to music can also use Bluetooth headsets without mobile phones. Girls cab use a third party app to track Menstruation, these all things that can be done on OPPO Watch.
As for the hardware , the low-level development of Android also allows OPPO to solve a pain point that was common in smartwatches in the past, which is battery life.
This time OPPO proposed a “dual-engine power endurance architecture” idea. In fact, it integrates two chips, one main and one auxiliary, into the watch, corresponding to the two usage modes of OPPO Watch.
In smart mode, OPPO Watch will use Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2500 chip, which can ensure up to 40 hours of use.
And in long battery life mode. OPPO Watch will use an Apollo chip, use the default dial (but still have the date and weather display), and retain notification, step counting, heart rate and NFC bus card functions.

What surprised Us was that the OPPO Watch in the long battery life mode can further extend the battery life to 21 days, which basically means that you don’t need to charge it for more than half a month, and you don’t need to bring an additional charger when you are away for a long time.
In addition to using dual chips to provide different usage modes, the charging time of OPPO Watch is also faster than those of smartwatches that I have tried.
This is mainly due to the VOOC fast charge. Under actual test, OPPO Watch was able to charge 27% of battery in 10 minutes and can reach 45% in 15 minutes. It takes only 75 minutes to be fully charged.
It can only be said that this method of using the fast charge solution to improve  “endurance ” is not only suitable for mobile phones, but also for watches.
All in all, after checking OPPO Watch, we felt more and more that the current gap between high-end Android smartwatches and Apple Watch is not far away.

Of course, Apple Watch’s early start and market leadership in setting trends is indispensable. Which makes most manufacturers not to go into exploration curve before launching of new smartphones.
However, the gap still exists objectively. For example, Apple Watch’s physical training types will be more comprehensive, and support for third-party applications will be better. This has little to do with hardware, and is more a reflection of ecosystem maturity. It will take OPPO more time to accumulate more third party supporters.
As for OPPO, the appearance of OPPO Watch also means that OPPO has obtained the “entry ticket” to build the IoT ecosystem. Now OPPO’s three major pieces of mobile phones, wireless headphones and smartwatches are complete, enough to build a Your own “small ecosystem of connected devices”
As the ecosystem becomes larger and larger, the charm it displays will become more and more evident. Once people are accustomed to the convenience brought by the strong association between hardware, it will be difficult to give up this ecosystem

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