According to the latest data from TensorTower, the popular  social media application TikTok has officially exceeded 2 billion downloads. The data includes iOS and Android systems. The milestone of  1.5 billion download was reached  only 5 months before current current milestone.

Like other streaming and social networking applications, TikTok also ushered in a surge in new downloads and users during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the first quarter of 2020, the application was downloaded 315 million times, setting a new quarterly record.

The 2 billion downloads include iOS and Android platforms, the former continues to contribute more revenue. According to data from Sensor Tower, users on iOS contributed $ 435.3 million in revenue to TikTok, while Android users contributed $ 21.4 million.

 From a geographical perspective, China is TikTok’s largest source of income, followed by the United States. China generated US $ 331 million, accounting for 72.3% of total revenue. The United States ranked second, with user spending of 86.5 million US dollars, accounting for 19%; the United Kingdom ranked third, with a total of 9 million US dollars, accounting for 2%.

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