Compared with the turbulent VR market a few years ago, today’s VR has become a giant’s “game”. But this is a good thing for users and the industry, because there is no longer a “glasses box” with a cost of only a dozen yuan to pretend to be VR, and products that can continue to invest a lot of research and development funds and promote to the market are boutique products. With the advent of the 5G era, key innovators and manufacturers have once again pushed VR to the front.

The design of Huawei VR glasses is more technological, the material is more advanced, and wearing it is more comfortable.

This is a VR glasses that can boast about good industrial design. It does not use cheap plastic, but a curved mirror surface material, which is integrated by compression molding and injection molding. The pure black design also makes the VR glasses visually appealing. 

In order to solve the fatigue problem caused by wearing VR glasses for a long time, HUAWEI VR Glass also uses lightweight materials. It lets the responsibility of processing the computing power and battery to a mobile phone or computer to complete, which makes the whole machine weigh only 166g. Moreover, the computing process is completed on a mobile phone or a computer. Another advantage is that it effectively reduces the heating of the VR glasses.

The face side of the VR Glasses is made of skin-friendly leather. Huawei has confirmed that it has passed the allergy test, so the touch will be very soft. With the lighter overall weight, the user will not feel it very tired after watching a movie on the plane. There is amazing detailing that can be found in the exquisite workmanship of HUAWEI VR Glass, that is, the two lenses have a very good tuning and damping sense, and the rotation is very advanced.

The folding design has good portability. A travel storage box is also included as a standard package. The size of the travel storage box is about the size of a cosmetic bag. The oval design does not take up any space and the weight is also very light. You can put the VR glasses, handle, and cable together in the travel box for easy travel. Carrying, watching a movie to relax during the flight couldn’t be more comfortable.


5-pixel precision focusing, accurate image focus

After talking about the appearance, let’s look at inner engineering.

  • HUAWEI VR Glass uses an ultra-short focal optical module, which is composed of 3 optical lenses and a multilayer optical film.
  • There are also very complicated technologies behind it, such as a three-stage folding light path
  • 100-level dust-free environment assembly
  • 70 lens barrel equipment, etc.,

So what does it do?
The optical lens of HUAWEI VR Glass is thinner, smaller in diameter, and can achieve 5-pixel precision calibration. The first two points are related to the weight reduction of the whole machine, and the last point is related to the sharpness of focus. The precision of 5 pixels can be accurately adjusted to the clearest effect. In the actual experience, if it is used by one person, it can be used for a long time only by adjusting the focus once. Even in the transportation process due to the very good damping, it will not Let the lens easily rotate autonomously.

3K resolution screen, the highest 90Hz refresh rate

Through the optical lens, HUAWEI VR Glass built-in two 2.1-inch Fast LCD display. When connected to a computer it can achieve a 90Hz refresh rate and when connected to a mobile phone it gives a 70Hz refresh rate. Please do note that the screen size of the VR glasses cannot be compared to the screen of the mobile phone. The screen of the VR glasses will be very close to the human eye. The dual 2.1-inch display screens can also give people an IMAX theater-like visual effect.

The pixel density is as high as 1058PPI, which is one of the best sharpness VR glasses can give in the market. The immersive experience brought by HUAWEI VR Glass is unmatched by the devices known as “VR glasses” in the past.
Huawei VR glasses can be used to play local 4K ultra-definition movies. With Huawei Mate30 Pro 5G, a single movie can be as high as 6GB or more. There is no pressure on the decoding ability of the mobile phone, fast forward and fast rewind responds to actions in real-time. The maximum angle of viewing is 90 degrees. With different virtual theme scenes, it can definitely give people a cinema-like visual delight of a moving IMAX giant screen.

HUAWEI VR Glass has hidden speakers inside the two sides, which is convenient for users to watch and use. If you are afraid of disturbing others, you can also connect a 3.5mm headset to the remote control of the VR glasses. Also, you can use a Bluetooth headset.
HUAWEI VR Glass also has a lot of VR video film sources specially made for VR glasses. Because the device sensitivity is very good, there is no dizziness when watching with the rotating head. The most painful problem of VR glasses in previous years is effectively solved. 

Video and audio are connected to Huawei Video, and there are many movies that can be downloaded. In recent years, Huawei Video has added more and more content. It finally came in handy in the VR field. HUAWEI VR Glass opens up the film and television resources of Huawei Video. Some popular movies at the theater level can be watched online in VR glasses. If you open a VIP member to support genuine products, you will get better film sources.
Since VR glasses are positioned as a “mobile IMAX giant screen”, in most cases users are using Huawei mobile phones. After connecting the VR glasses, the phone will enter a black screen.
are you wondering what should I do if the message on phone comes?
Huawei’s solution is to display important content on the secondary screen in a way of projecting screens. so as to achieve both watching cinema and receiving important information. It can also take calls through VR glasses.

In addition to watching movies, another key application scenario of VR glasses is games. In order to allow users to play better sensory games, HUAWEI VR Glass first adopts 9-axis sensors and an automatic somatosensory tracking algorithm from the hardware. This can synchronize hand movements in real-time and accurately locate them. Huawei also comes with a 3DOF somatosensory handle for somatosensory gaming or implementing conventional control.

So the verdict is you should definitely get one Huawei VR Glasses for yourselves.

Some other notes on the VR future.

The 5G era is coming, and VR glasses will usher in a new season

The term VR has experienced particularly obvious peaks and dips, from being synonymous with high-tech at the beginning to almost “bad investment” at the end.

VR based gameplay

HUAWEI VR Glass has been able to give an ultra-clear watching experience at 5G high speed. In the future, with the improvement of the 5G network, the delay can be weaker, then VR games can be vigorously developed, which may become the biggest change since the birth of the entire game industry.

VR viewing of art exhibitions

Gaming adoption is just the beginning of VR glasses. In the future, together with 5G, there is huge room for development in the new live video field and school teaching field. So HUAWEI VR Glass is not just an excellent VR glasses, it opens up a new space that makes people like me excited.

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