There is a massive disruption in the world that has happened geopolitically, technologically at the beginning of the year 2022. So here is the important question! What will be the effect of overall disruption in world politics, Technology plus the Russia – Ukraine Conflict?

Positive effects

    1. Increased awareness to buy EVs in Small tier2, tier3, tier4 towns of India.
    2. More digitalization of retail, consumer services in India.
    3. The increased entrepreneurial spirit in Millenials, GenZ
    4. Companies which offer Work from Home will be able to hire and retain good candidates.
    5. Strong use case of digital currency with be ready by end of 2022 in China with the wide adoption of the Digital Yuan.
    6. Increased integration of Hong Kong financial sector with Mainland China.
    7. Easing of shortage of electronic chips.
    8. Increasing awareness and spending on cybersecurity in Europe and Asia.

Negative effects

    1. Oil prices will stay upwards of 90-100 USD per barrel for a significant part of the year
    2. High prices/supply disruption of chemicals used in fertilizers as the two largest producers Russia and Belarus are sanctioned.
    3. Wheat prices will shoot through the roof as Russia(Top 3) and Ukraine (Top 7) won’t be able to supply.
    4. India will see farm productivity for wheat drop due to the non-availability of Russian, Belarusian NPK fertilizer – nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium
    5. Heavy Job losses in Eastern Europe in the IT sector. Namecheap world’s 2 largest domain registrar has effectively stopped giving services to million of Russian websites and businesses.
    6. The conflict in Ukraine may be the catalyst for an increase in military spending in Europe.
    7. Increased metal prices especially, aluminum, palladium, Platinium
    8. Possible sanctions on India due s-400 and AK-203 deal.
    9. Volatile stock markets

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