I recently started learning how to create applications for windows phone 7 platform.
And was astonished by its capabilities and availability of tools for its development.
Windows phone 7 is an Operating System for Mobile platform. It can power both smartphones as well as Tablet Computers. Well Probably the word Windows says all that this platform comes from the house of Microsoft.

Here today I am going to give a simple introduction to this Platform.
So let start Hello Windows Phone7.

This is a Demo of Windows Emulator and Tools available from Microsoft for its Development.
Well we can say if Apple has IPhone and Open source(Google) has Android then Windows phone 7 is microsoft’s answer to it.
Microsoft showcased WP7 on Feb 15, 2010 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
Here are the names of Smartphones which will be launching with WP7.
HTC-7 Mozart ,7 Surround ,7 Pro,7 Trophy (Spark),HD7 (Schubert)
LG- Optimus , Optimus(quantum) 7Q
Dell- Venue pro
Samsung- Focus.

And Many more will be coming -….

So whats New in WP7(Phone 7)

1)Metro User Interface
2)Real time updates and integration with microsoft Services
3)Contacts, Photo, music, Games, Maps
4)Social media
6)Hubs & Tiles
7)Interactive Multi-touch (capacitive)
9)Local and online content.

 Microsoft offers a very strong Integration with Mobile office a 
feature Hard to ignore.
It has integrated IE browser and I say Microsoft scores here too.

From Developer point of view Some features hard to Ignore are.

1) Input (multi-touch, hardware buttons, SIP)

2) Media (digital media playback and capture)

3)Phone sensors and APIs (accelerometer, contact, sms)

4) .NET (Silverlight, .NET Base Class Library)

5)Web (webservices, WCF)

6)Data (XML, Isolated storage, LINQ, LINQ to XML)

7)Cloud services (notifications, updates, location, xbox).

Now lets continue with Developer tools and Resources 

The resources provided by Microsoft are pretty good for beginning development on this

Also have a Look at XNA network.

Tools Available for Development are
1)Windows Phone developer tools (CTP)
2)Visual studio 2010 Express (Freely available)
3)Expression Blend
4)For Testing :Windows Phone Emulator



Hope that it will succeed due to its unique features, and good luck Microsoft Team.
Lets see whether a stable and successful Windows 7 OS has successful Mobile Edition in 
Windows phone 7.

Happy Coding………………

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