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This is my post after many days. I made a simple SWOT analysis of Microsoft corp.
You can check out the Microsoft presentation or the important points below.

• Powerful and renowned brand name.
• Diversified product portfolio.
• Ranked among Fortune Top 50 (2010) with the revenue $58.437 billion.
• Product development is rapid and innovation factor is high.
• Rules computer software industry for being at the top.
• Strong impact with product line of diverse field

• Dependent on hardware manufacturers to preinstall the MS OS.
• Level of sales is falling regarding the OS and server softwares.
• Organizational structure is not satisfactory regarding the 5 layer management and red-tapism.
• Insignificant presence regarding the wireless market.
• Prone to targeted software virus attacks and needs constant patches

• Global touch using internet will be a lot cheaper to devise its applications.
• Microsoft should invest heavily on applications and consider the mobile market as a new advancement.
• Emerging markets in many countries show strong willingness of the consumers to buy PCs
• Strategic tie-up with Nokia can change the game in mobile segment.
• Windows 8 and gesture based computing can be key development area
• Office products still does not have large scale replacements and new technology like office 365  can bring enough cash

• Giants  like  Google, IBM, Apple and Oracle are having their own prebundled applications on their systems  which reducing the market share of MS.
• Linux being an open source is yet another major competitor that is threatening the position that MS has in the market especially the desktop market.
• Innovative mobile devices that are substituting the personal computers.
• The recent recession in the US slowed down the PC industry.
• Technology life cycle is growing shorter day in and day out
• Piracy  is a major issue that has and still threatens the revenue stream of application developing firms.

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