Windows live writer is an amazing and easy blogging tool from our friends at Redmond Aka Microsoft.This tools comes handy specially when you have multiple blogs and different blogging platforms.I personally use this tool to update and write on my blogs.So if you are not having it, I would recommend installing it on your machine and check it out yourself. I would say you would fall in love with these blog writing tool. It is by far the best blogging tool for windows and on desktop platform.

Here is the process on how to add Windows Live writer to your windows machine.

Adding Windows Live Writer to Windows

  • If you don’t already have Windows Writer installed on your computer, you need to install it to your machine.
  • Hold on before going forward, click Start ➪ All Programs ➪ Windows Live and make sure you don’t see Windows Live Writer in the menu. If you do see it, Writer is already installed and you can skip to the next section to start
Learning how to use it
  • To add Writer, open Internet Explorer and browse to Log in with your Windows Live account. (If you don’t already have one, you can easily sign up for one right from the login page.)
  • Then, in the Windows Live Web site, click More ➪ Downloads. In the Blogging section, click Writer to open the download page.
  • Click the Download button, and when the File Download dialog box appears, click Run. If User Account Control displays a security warning, click Yes to allow the Windows Live Setup program to run.
  • In the Windows Live installer, click the button beside Writer. You can also choose to download other Windows Live add-ons at this time, or run the installer again later to add other add-ons. If the installer shows that Writer is already installed, as shown in image you don’t need to install it again. You can certainly add any other Windows Live programs that are not yet installed.
Setting Up Your Blog Account

After you have installed Writer or ascertained that you already have it, you need to configure at least one blog account. The following section explains how.

Adding a blog account
  • Writer automatically should run a configuration wizard the first time you start the program. If you need to start the wizard yourself, choose Blogs ➪ Add Blog Account to start the Windows Live Writer Wizard.
  • If you already have a blog, in the first page of the wizard choose the type of service where it is hosted:
  1. Windows Live Spaces: Choose this option if your blog is already set up on Windows Live.
  2. WordPress  ::If your blog is on wordpress.
  3. SharePoint blog: Choose this option if your blog is set up on a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) site.
  4. Other blog service: Choose this option if your blog is hosted by a different site.

If you don’t have a blog already, you can use the wizard to set up one at Windows Live. If you already have a blog site, all you need to do is enter the blog site URL in the wizard and provide login credentials when prompted

Here are pictures of some functionality in windows live writer.

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