Yesterday we saw an application Quip which is an online word processor that can be used in your browser as well as your android phone and your apple iPhone or iPod but it had one short coming that it was not able to import files from Microsoft Word. Hence it will be difficult for many of the people who still use Microsoft Word and therefore I was thinking of writing an article on an application which will help you in editing word files.

Google Quickoffice

 Now you might find many applications on both android as well as iOS platform which are able to edit Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint. But many of them are paid and expensive like OfficeSuite Pro 7.

Kingsoft office

If not paid then do not offer the editing facility. The ones like Kingsoft Office which do offer some editing facility are not that much capable and do not offer varied capabilities. So I thought that I should write an article on Google’s Quickoffice which is both free an extremely capable application.
You can gauge the capability of Quickoffice from this fact that this entire article has been written in Quickoffice word processor.

Google’s Quickoffice Word

Although it is connected to Google drive, there is no need to you have Internet connected to use Quickoffice. You can save the documents to your Google drive or to the phone memory or your SD card. There are many options to format the text and to create great documents, spreadsheets, presentations.
In the word processor you have an option of inserting the images from the gallery or camera, Quickoffice word processor has facility to insert tables.

Google’s Quickoffice Spreadsheet

In spreadsheets it allows you to insert charts and links. Also in spreadsheets and word and presentation you have the ability for changing font properties, alignment, border and cell properties.
The Quickoffice presentation application helps you in creating presentations on the go. It allows you to insert images from gallery, images from camera,and also the shapes. The shapes include basic shapes, equations, flowcharts etc.


Google’s Quickoffice Presentation

I hope this article helps you motivate to try Quickoffice for yourself and decide whether it will help you in improving your productivity or not. I hope that Google comes up with an windows phone version of Google Quickoffice so that the users of all platforms can have benefit of this amazing service. I also forgot to mention that the documents which are saved on Google Quickoffice can be accessed anywhere in the world and you can edit them on your desktop browser . We at tech impressions will try to find more search applications wish will help the readers of our blog how to improve the productivity, reduce the hassles and stress, and make best use of their time .

So I am enclosing link of quick office for both android and apple IOS platform . If you come across any problem accessing this service and need any help using this app you can definitely write to us or comment below in the comments section.

4 thoughts on “Improving Productivity Using Google’s Quickoffice”

  1. I hardly know of what the Google QuickOffice can do. I guess I have been missing out. Its really good to have all the details and functionality explained here.

    My best take to this program is the fact that editing can be done offline. Its an amazing tool. I would call it 'office on the move'. Whats more, its FREE and this is awesome!

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    Sunday – contributor

  2. Quick office looks cool. I have just used Google docs and didn't find it so productive.
    From your review of Google's quickoffice, i can say that there is no need to get any premium app to work on the go.
    The fact that you can use it offline proves out to be brilliant.
    Thanks for the great review 🙂

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