Have you experienced your android phone is down because of some problem and you have lost all contacts,all data, your photos, music. One day I was a rooting one of my devices that is Samsung galaxyY. I  had downloaded * ROM for my Samsung galaxy y and I took backup of my contacts but I did not take any backup of my SD card. And I wanted to root my android device are so that I can partition my SD card and use its part memory for installing new apps. I was doing it because I had are no space left for installing new apps. I rooted device but  absent-mindedly  I formatted it without backup and  then partitioned SD card. I lost all my data from SD card . So when I bought a new device, of course I wanted to root the device again to play with the different apps.

 This time I decided to be cautious and take a proper backup of my android phone. Now there are many applications like titanium backup, Astro file manager, this applications allow you to store data on cloud. I therefore  decided  to use are stand alone application which can be installed on computer to take backup .

Its name is SnapPea. Now SnapPea allows you to take complete backup of your android phone.You can take backup of photos, music, contacts, most importantly it allows you to take backup of apps installed on your android smart phone.

 You can also use SnapPea to install applications on Android.  This is also an easy way to pull or extract android apk files from your android smartphone.

This android apk files can be used  to re-install mobile apps into your phone without using Internet connection.

It most useful method to save your data plan.

You can download SnapPea from their website . Also if you come across any problems using snappy please write to us.
✓ Manage your apps, contacts, music, photos, and videos
✓ Text message from your computer
✓ Auto-connect over Wi-Fi or USB
✓ Backup your phone


✓ Download apps for FREE

✓ Download videos for FREE
✓ Save your data plan

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