Recently, as global technicians and executives started solving issues of working remotely, there is a increase in productivity levels of professionals earlier hampered by the outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19. This has brought back life to the field of mobile phones especially after numerous Tech conferences were cancelled. The product launches have returned to the right track, and several leading companies have started a new round of “competition” for the mobile phone market by bringing new 5g devices, almost every week. There are more than one new mobile phone to launching every week. Following the launch of NEX 3S on March 10, Vivo now brings Vivo S6.


Vivo S6 Front Screen

Unlike the end to end capabilities of the Vivo X series and the innovative products of the NEX series, the Vivo S (Selfie) series has always focused on the design and photographing capabilities, and the target segment is mainly youngsters who are pursuing fashionable products and like flaunting their styles in photos. The Vivo S6 still continues this tradition, and at the same time, it has also followed up support for 5G networks this time. Let’s go through its capabilities in details.

Vivo S6 Back Cover with Quad Camera

Vivo S6 6.44-inch screen

After entering 2020, manufacturers have been surprisingly consistent in the choice of screen types and resolutions. Apart from a few folding screen mobile phones, most of the new conventional mobile phones recently released are designed for infinity screens.

Some “surprise” is that this time Vivo S6 did not do this. It uses a waterdrop screen (AMOLED material) that was very popular last year. The screen size is 6.44 inches and the resolution is 2400 × 1080.

Vivo S6 Box

The reason why I was a little surprised is that on the S5 released last year, Vivo has equipped it with a very small aperture screen, according to common sense S6 should go further. However, if you consider this issue from the perspective of cost control, it is actually not difficult to understand. If you want to support 5G and push down the price, you always have to make some trade-offs.

Vivo S6 continues to use the AMOLED display from Samsung in the display specifications. It is this uncompromising high-end procurement standard for devices that makes vivo never compromise on the low-end low-cost. The size of 6.44 inches is quite moderate, taking into account the visual experience and portability, while the 2400 × 1080 resolution and bright colors are also a highlight of the display of this mobile phone screen.

It is worth mentioning that the Vivo S6 screen supports the SRE function, which can provide users with clear visual experience in bright light environments. At the same time, Vivo S6 supports low-brightness anti-screen flash function, changes the screen brightness through the Dimlayer mask algorithm, which greatly reduces the eye fatigue caused by the low-brightness flicker of the OLED screen, and the jitter interpolation algorithm optimizes the transition effect and color compensation algorithm Optimize color consistency and adjust screen brightness and display effects.
From a visual point of view, the width of the top, left, and right borders are well controlled, and the bottom border is slightly wider. Also, it supports low-brightness visibility flash function, you can choose to turn on or off according to your needs.

It has Screen fingerprints function, Vivo claims that it uses the latest screen fingerprint solution this time. Actually, the unlock speed and accuracy are not only good, but it is equivalent to iQOO 3, which is more advanced.

A variety of color options, excellent feel

The back cover is a highlight of Vivo S6. Compared with the previous generation, the obvious change is that the camera part has been changed from the previous diamond shape to the same round shape as the NEX 3. At the same time, a textured design similar to vinyl has been added to the back cover. The feeling of holding Vivo S6 in hand is quite unique.

In terms of color matching, this time it has three options:  Lake Blue, Sky Light Blue and Jazzy Black. Among them, the Lake blue color matching adopts the gradient between blue and white. At the same time, the frosted texture is added to the color coating of the cover, and the sky blue version adds a layer of silver coating based on the gradient color. As for which version is better, it is a subjective issue, and everyone can choose according to their own preferences.

Compared with the overall appearance we liked its grip. The body length of Vivo S6 is 161.16 mm, the width is 74.66 mm, the thickness is 8.68 mm, and the weight is controlled at 181 grams. In today’s era where 5G mobile phones easily exceed 200 grams or even 220 grams, such lightweight is excellent.

Also, in addition to weight, many factors affect the actual grip of mobile phones. In vivo S6, it is due to the use of a 20: 9 screen, the overall body of the frame looks slender. The left and right edges of the frame are with a certain degree of curve, even for users with relatively small palms  Vivo S6 is very easy to hold. This phone is one of the best grips of all the phones I’ve held in recent times.

Vivo S6 Four rear cameras, 48 Megapixel and Front Camera 32 Megapixel

In the image part, the front camera of Vivo S6 is 32 Megapixels, f / 2.08 aperture.  In order to enhance the self-timer effect, this phone integrates a soft light ring function in the screen. When turned on in a dark light environment, the phone screen changes directly into a ring-shaped fill plate, which effectively compensates for the imaging effect under dim light conditions. With the help of manual adjustment of the aperture blur And filters and other functions, bring more outstanding natural selfie.
It makes the color temperature of the fill light more suitable for the ambient light, to ensure the uniformity of the character’s facial skin tone. At the same time, this time Vivo S6 has further improved its AI-enabled beauty enhancement capabilities. You can choose the specific sections in photos you want to optimize according to your needs.

The rear camera adopts a four-camera design of the main camera + super wide-angle lens + macro lens + depth of field lens. The main camera is 48 Megapixels, using the Samsung GM2 sensor, F1.79 aperture. The super wide-angle lens is 8 million pixels, the largest The viewing angle is 112 °, and both the macro lens and the depth of field lens are 2 Megapixels.

The following is pictures taken by Vivo S6, without any post-processing:

Taken by Vivo S6
Taken by Vivo S6

         2x zoom

Taken by Vivo S6
Taken by Vivo S6

         Portrait mode

Taken by Vivo S6

         Macro mode

Taken by Vivo S6

Exynos 980 platform, 4500mAh large battery

In terms of core hardware configuration, Vivo S6 is equipped with the Exynos 980 5G platform jointly developed by Vivo and Samsung, which provides 8GB + 128GB and 8GB + 256GB storage options.

Taken by Vivo S6

Exynos 980 CPU performance has been improved by 20% compared to Cortex-A76, GPU performance has been improved by 30%, and machine learning ability is comparable. It is 2.7 times faster than before.

Also, as the industry’s first batch of 5G SoC chips, Exynos 980 can support both NSA and SA networking modes, covering the current mainstream 5G frequency bands such as n1 / n3 / n77 / n41 / n78.

In terms of 5G-related features, Exynos 980 can reach a maximum download speed of 2.55Gbps in a 5G network environment, and a maximum download speed of 3.55Gbps in a 4G and 5G dual connection environment. In other words, Vivo S6 can handle 4G and 5G the complex alternating networks with ease and still provide you with a good experience.

As for the battery life part that everyone is more concerned about, its battery capacity is 4500mAh, which is 400mAh more than the previous generation. The benefits brought by the large battery are also obvious. From my personal usage habits, I can basically charge one and a half days. However, because it supports 18W fast charging (22.5W in the previous generation), and the battery capacity is larger, the time required to fully charge the battery is relatively longer.

Taken by Vivo S6

Vivo S6 is amazing mid-range 5G phone

I believe everyone also feels that because the cost is difficult to come down at this stage, the pricing of 5G mobile phones is generally higher than that of 4G mobile phones, especially the flagship products equipped with Snapdragon 865 chips are basically more than 3,000 yuan/ 420 USD/ 29000 INR.

Vivo S6 is such a product. As a mid-range 5G mobile phone, it will have a relatively low pricing pressure. The 8GB + 128GB version is 2698 yuan, and the 8GB + 256GB is 2998 yuan/ 420 USD/ 29900 INR.   In addition, to the capability of supporting dual-mode 5G, its appearance, design, and ability to take pictures is at a very good level.

Everyone has their own inspection standards when starting a mobile phone product. For young users groups who pay more attention to appearance and camera effects, Vivo S6 is still an attractive option. If you want to pursue the ultimate performance, then the flagship machine equipped with Snapdragon 865 is obviously more in line with your requirements, of course, the budget should be correspondingly higher.

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