Due to the impact of the Coronavirus epidemic, everything seems to have slowed down in  2020. But major mobile phone manufacturers are still releasing new 5G phones as planned. If we try to find the most eye-catching mobile phone on the market we should not look beyond VIVO NEX 3S. NEX 3S is a stunning phone with an amazing camera, borderless design with top-notch performance. So what are the key highlights of Vivo NEX 3S, let us take a look.

If you have followed Vivo, you must be knowing NEX is Vivo’s flagship product in smartphones. After a lapse of half a year, vivo NEX 3S was upgraded. Vivo brings a more business-tone Amber Alcohol Colour to market. Also uses the top hardware configuration of Snapdragon 865 + LPDDR5 + UFS3.1. 5G.  Other features of the phone have seen upgrade again. The overall performance is more comprehensive and mature. Thus adding another “heavyweight” star product to the smartphone circles that may make a mark in 2020.

When NEX 3 was released last year, it surprised many in the world with the first smartphone with a waterfall screen design. Now, Vivo NEX 3S is upgraded again, it has a large curvature unbounded waterfall screen close to 90 °. It also a hidden pressure-sensitive button. But this time, NEX 3S upgraded not only external but also the internal “design”, especially the Amber Alcohol version.


Vivo NEX 3S’s Amber Alcohol Colour is a new colour scheme, inspired by the light emitted by natural amber. NEX 3S Amber Alcohol Colour is designed with a refined exterior, which makes it look unique when held in hand.
The back of the body of the Vivo NEX 3S still uses the classic “Oreo” three-camera combination design. Aesthetically, it’s more serene and refined than vertical camera arrangement available on many phones. NEX 3S has a wonderful design.

On the left side frame of the NEX 3S body, there are no buttons. On the right side frame, we saw the familiar pressure-sensitive button design. With the X-axis linear motor, it can simulate the real touch of physical buttons. The learning curve to get started with this design is not steep. The only thing you need to adapt is the virtual volume buttons above and below the power pressure-sensitive button. You may not know the position of buttons at the beginning, but you can fully adapt to it within 5 minutes.

On top of the frame, you can see a small and mini-physical power button to cope with the unavailability of pressure-sensitive buttons. At the centre of the top frame is the 16-megapixel front lens and light. Don’t worry about the pop-up and drop the speed of this camera module. Judging from the actual usage of this phone, it does not affect the selfie and video call at all.
Also, the top frame has a 3.5mm headphone jack. Compared with many smartphones nowadays, the reservation of the 3.5mm headphone jack also reflects Vivo’s consistent pursuit of high-quality audio and video experience. With the AK4377A independent audio chip, you can choose higher quality HiFi headset, NEX 3S will be “friendly” to your ears.

On the bottom frame of the frame, you can see the Type-C charging interface, speaker and SIM card slot. NEX 3S is equipped with a 4500mAh large-capacity battery and supports 44W super flash charge. It can be charged to more than 70% in half an hour.  To allow us to enjoy a smooth experience in the 5G network with higher performance,  NEX 3S also uses a new zero-sensing heat dissipation technology. The ultra-thin zero-sensing heat spreader has a larger heat dissipation area and lowers thermal resistance. It can cover the CPU and 5G Modem on the motherboard and extend to the battery compartment.

Unbounded waterfall screen

Vivo NEX 3S uses a 6.89-inch Super AMOLED flexible screen. This infinity waterfall screen that is not “unfamiliar” can reach an astonishing 99.6% screen ratio. The resolution is FHD + (2256×1080), the highest brightness of the screen is up to 800nit, and the content of the screen can be seen clearly in the sun. At the same time, the minimum brightness of this screen supports 1.9nit, which makes the user more comfortable when reading. Also, at low brightness, the display of the NEX 3S screen will be auto-adjusted to show more details.

Also, the E3 material screen used by NEX 3S can effectively reduce harmful blue light radiation by 42% and greatly relieve eye fatigue.E3 material is a low-power display material, which reduces energy consumption by 7% compared to the previous generation. It also supports HDR10 and HDR10 + video, standard P3 colour gamut display, and DC dimming. The only regret we have is that there is no high refresh rate above 90Hz. However, from the actual experience of usage,  after a few days of use, we have not felt the discomfort caused by the lack of high refresh rate. After all, the multimedia content in the market also has certain problems in the adaptation of high refresh rate, so no need to get worried as connect with higher refresh rate with not be widely available for at least 2 more years.

Vivo NEX 3S has also added a “curvy screen atmosphere light effect” to this unbounded waterfall screen, and the visual experience has been upgraded again. When the screen is turned off, NEX 3S recognizes the music rhythm and changes the light effect according to the rhythm, making the visual impact of the music screen stronger and enhancing the immersive atmosphere when listening to music. Also, the ambient light effect of the curved-screen makes notifications and call reminders cooler. When you receive a notification or call when the screen is off, there will be a coordinated reminder of light effects, so that you will not miss important events.

Great performance improvement

Vivo NEX 3S is a flagship new product equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon flagship processor 865 + X55 mobile platform and supporting dual-mode 5G. The Snapdragon 865 uses a 7nm process, and the CPU core frequency is 2.84GHz. Compared with Snapdragon 855, the processing performance is increased by 25% and energy efficiency is increased by 25%. The GPU is upgraded to Adreno 650, and the graphics performance is increased by 25% Increase by 35%.

The NEX 3S  is equipped with 12GB LPDDR5 storage. When compared with LPDDR4x, LPDDR5 bandwidth has increased by 28.9%, with better performance and lower power consumption. At the same time, NEX 3S comes standard with UFS 3.1 flash memory. With the support of intelligent TurboWrite and HPB technology, the sequential read speed of flash memory chips is increased by 137% compared to UFS 2.1, and the sequential write speed is increased by 192%.

In terms of benchmark score, NEX 3S’s Antutu comprehensive benchmark score is 586646 points; Geekbench single-core running score is 4286 points and multi-core is 13447 points; sequential read speed will reach 1750MB / s, sequential write speed will reach 734MB / s, random The read speed will reach 271MB / s, and the random write speed will reach 237MB / s, which shows that NEX 3S can easily handle various operations such as downloading, copying, installing, and switching large applications with the support of top-level hardware configuration.

In terms of network, NEX 3S supports SA + NSA dual-mode 5G networking, supports multiple current 5G frequency bands such as n1, n3, n41, n77, n78, n79, and also supports Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax standard) wireless network connection. The OFDMA technology of Wi-Fi 6 can support multiple terminals to transmit in parallel at the same time, and there is no need to waste time due to queuing and network congestion.

Also, NEX 3S supports dual Wi-Fi acceleration technology. Though Vivo’s unique network aggregation/diversion algorithm, one mobile phone can connect two Wi-Fi (2.4G / 5G) at the same time. While doubling the network speed, it can also improve the stability of the network connection and avoid network fluctuations caused by poor Wi-Fi signals. NEX 3S also supports the Net Turbo network acceleration function, which can intelligently switch between Wi-Fi and 5G networks. When the Wi-Fi network is poor, the 5G data is used to compensate and accelerate. Multi-network integration fully optimizes the network experience.

In terms of games, usually playing “PUBG lite”. The process of loading the game is completed quickly. With the HDR high-definition image quality and ultra-high frame rate turned on, the game screen is very smooth and the touch is very smooth. After playing the game for about half an hour, the heat of the mobile phone is well controlled and there is no feeling of being hot. It should be pointed out that NEX3S not only has game acceleration, 4D game shock but also adds virtual buttons on the edge of the waterfall screen. Therefore this can be called as one truly gamer’s phone for a modern gamer.

Just the right imaging capabilities: Nex 3S

The Vivo NEX 3S uses a 64-megapixel camera with 13 million wide-angle/macro +13 million telephoto lenses, a three-shot combination of star-ring images, and stacks more lenses without exaggeration. The 64 million Samsung GW1 main camera has a 1 / 1.7-inch large-size sensor, which has stronger picture resolution and easily captures details in low-light environments.
The 13 million wide-angle macro lens supports a 120 ° wide field of view and supports 2.5cm Super macro. The telephoto lens supports 2x optical zoom and 20x digital zoom.

Also, NEX 3S supports Hyper-HDR technology, which can better cope with shooting in backlit environments. NEX 3S is equipped with super EIS video stabilization on both the main camera and the ultra-wide-angle camera. It adapts to the best EIS effect in different scenarios and provides a more stable and clear picture. This is suitable for small businesses who like to shoot videos and Vlog. This phone is bloggers’ true friend.
NEX 3S supports 64-megapixel RAW format lossless straight-out. With the powerful processing support of the Snapdragon 865, the screen latitude is very high, and the details are retained in photos. The details are still clear even if it is magnified many times. , leaving us enough space for post-processing.

In the case of sufficient light, the picture taken by Vivo NEX 3S has clear layers, high colour saturation, and a rich VIVO style. In the ultra-wide-angle, 1X, and 2X different focal length modes, the anti-distortion processing of the photo edge at the wide-angle end is quite good. The colour reproduction and white balance of the picture are still controlled very accurately, and there is no problem of inconsistent output caused by switching cameras…

For night shots, NEX 3S supports the “Super Night Scene 3.0” mode, which can quickly take 12-16 photos in a dark light environment, and perform multi-frame synthesis and noise reduction. The “Super Night Scene 3.0” mode also has a certain improvement in noise control capabilities. The transition between light and dark is more natural, and the suppression of highlights is also in place.

In terms of macro, NEX 3S supports 2.5cm super macro, which gives us a brand new perspective to observe the micro world. The excellent background blur treatment, coupled with the high-quality rendering of the details of the picture, makes us take more and more pictures outside, especially macro photography.

Vivo NEX 3S, with its more powerful “intrinsic self-development” and more mature “design aesthetics”,  and lives up to the name of 5G flagship. In particular, this time NEX 3S is also equipped with a more intimate and easy-to-use Funtouch 10 OS.  A newly upgraded full-featured NFC, AI support based assistant (Jovi).  Translator, AI photo album, etc., and hardware and software integration upgrade make up for the shortcomings of NEX 3 launched last year. Of course, NEX 3S also has room for further optimization. Such as a higher refresh rate, more powerful imaging capabilities, and faster-charging technology. Which also makes us look forward to the next flagship product of vivo, hope it comes earlier.

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